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Ohana Home Partners, LLC is locally rooted and passionate about helping homeowners in Houston and the surrounding areas. As prominent cash home buyers in Houston, we specialize in purchasing homes quickly and efficiently, offering cash deals that make the selling process as smooth as possible for you.

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Our expertise lies in understanding the diverse needs of homeowners. Whether you’re looking to sell due to relocation, financial challenges, or simply desire a change, we are here to make that transition easier. We buy houses in Houston, Texas, providing a fair and fast solution to those who wish to sell their homes without the hassles of traditional real estate processes.

Being Houston cash home buyers, we pride ourselves on our ability to close deals quickly, providing homeowners with the peace of mind that comes from a guaranteed sale. Our team understands the Houston property market deeply, ensuring that you receive a fair offer based on the current market conditions. Our commitment as cash home buyers in Houston is to offer you a straightforward, honest, and efficient home selling experience. We value your time and property, ensuring each transaction is handled professionally and transparently.

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If you have any questions about our process for helping you sell a house quickly and for a fair cash amount or if you want to learn more about us, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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Our Story

Ohana Home Partners, LLC is more than just a real estate investment company; it’s a manifestation of family values and a commitment to community welfare. Founded by Jenny and Paul, who hail from Hawaii, the company is deeply rooted in the Hawaiian ethos of ‘Ohana’, meaning family. This principle guides their mission to offer compassionate solutions to homeowners facing various challenges. With a unique blend of family values and a dedication to help, Ohana Home Partners, LLC stands as a beacon of hope and support in the real estate industry.

Our founders, Jenny and Paul transitioned from healthcare to real estate investment, driven by a desire to address the wider needs they observed in their patients, particularly in financial and housing stability. This shift allowed them to extend their compassion beyond healthcare, finding fulfillment in helping individuals sell or secure safe and stable living environments, and making a positive impact in the community through real estate. Their journey is characterized by a deep commitment to providing more than just properties, but real, life-changing solutions.

Our Mission


Our heart is set on reaching out to anyone in challenging situations. We understand that life can present unexpected turns, and we’re here to offer a supportive hand. Our services are particularly valuable for individuals navigating tough times such as preforeclosure or foreclosure, undergoing the emotional process of divorce, dealing with probate, grappling with liens or overdue taxes, and for the elderly who are transitioning to assisted living.

We’re also here for those of you who are planning to move and need to sell your current home. We offer to purchase your property ‘as-is’, which means you don’t have to worry about fixing it up or making it presentable – we take it off your hands just the way it is. This approach is all about making your life easier and reducing the stress that often comes with selling a home.

Our mission at Ohana Home Partners, LLC is personal. We want to be more than just a real estate solution; we want to be a part of your journey to a more stable and happy life. We’re here to listen, understand, and provide a service that’s not just efficient and effective, but also deeply empathetic and considerate of your unique situation.

Our Core Values

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Rapid Cash Offers

Our primary commitment is to deliver lightning-fast cash offers to homeowners, ensuring a swift and efficient selling process. We understand the importance of speed when it comes to selling your home.

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Buy As-Is Convenience

We specialize in purchasing properties 'as is', which means we acquire homes in their current condition without requiring any costly repairs or renovations. This approach simplifies the process and saves you time and money.

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No Realtor Fees, No Commissions

One of our core values is transparency. We don't burden you with realtor fees or commissions, ensuring that you retain the full value of your property. Your profit is our priority.

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Effortless, Stress-Free Transactions

We are dedicated to providing a streamlined and hassle-free experience for our clients. From the moment you contact us to the final closing, we aim to make the entire process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Ohana Home Partners, LLC is your go-to solution if you're looking for a reliable, quick, and hassle-free way to sell your home.

Any Condition, Any Situation, or Any Circumstance (For Real)

We buy Houston homes as is, with no repairs needed, and there’s no cleaning required on your part. You’ll receive fast cash and experience a swift closing process with no realtor fees or commissions. Whether your property needs repairs, has tricky tenants, demands an immediate sale, or is tied up in probate matters, we’ve got you covered. There’s no task too big or too small for our expertise!

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